Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Jeff Castner: How to Make a Team Work

Jeff Castner is a long time professional at Marian University, and over that time he has had the opportunity to have a positive and guiding influence on many of his workplace teammates. He understands how to make a professional staff operate efficiently and effectively, and Jeff Castner is certainly no stranger to workplace success.

As a leader on the Marian employee staff, Jeff Castner is responsible for showing his coworkers how to perform their jobs at maximum efficiency. He understands that good leadership entails the creation of an open and communicative atmosphere; one that is conducive to both learning and listening. Jeff Castner understands that every part of the professional machine must be working in harmony in order for the team to effectively reach its ultimate goal.

Communications are key for Jeff Castner. By developing an open atmosphere where employees are allowed the opportunity to safely voice their opinions and concerns, he provides a way for his coworkers to work in a happier and more productive environment. 

Jeff Castner believes that will all communications aren’t productive, allowing people the opportunity to offer suggestions and voice their frustrations helps to create a more trustful and harmonious workplace; one that is able to effectively operate on all cylinders by solving problems before they become bigger, more unmanageable ones.

Jeff Castner takes his coworkers opinions into consideration before making a decision on the next best course of action. Everyone, he believes, deserves the opportunity to have their voices heard, and to express better ways of doing things.

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