Monday, 19 May 2014

Jeff Castner: Assistant Director of Operations

Jeff Castner is the Assistant Director of Operations at Marian University, a Roman Catholic university located a few miles north of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Marian University is a relatively small school, with a full and part-time student body of about 2,700 students. The school is dedicated to excellent teaching and learning in the Franciscan and liberal arts tradition.

As a member of the Operations staff, it is Jeff Castner’s responsibility to represent the university with pride. With its size, Marian University is proud to offer its students a fifteen-to-one student-to-faculty ratio. University employees like Jeff Castner work hard to make sure that every student has the campus environment most conducive to fulfilling his or her needs. 

Marian University offers a variety of liberal arts programs, and is known for its academic focus on humanities rather than technical, pre-professional study fields. Most of the school’s student population consists of undergraduates. Jeff Castner is himself a former Marian University student. He graduated from there in 1986 with a degree in Physical Education, and spent several years as an Assistant Coach and Pitching Coach on its baseball team, the Knights.

As its Assistant Director of Operations, Jeff Castner is a vital part of the Marian University atmosphere. He does his best to make sure every student is in an environment that provides them with the tools and support for learning and academic excellence. Marian University is relatively difficult to get into, and that’s part of the reason why Jeff Castner works so hard to make sure it has the friendliest and warmest academic atmosphere it can.
It is people like Jeff Castner that have made Marian University such an attractive insitution in the academic community.

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