Friday, 3 October 2014

Passionate Packers Fan Jeff Castner Provides a Short Team History

The Green Bay Packers are notably one of the most celebrated and storied teams now playing in the National Football League. Jeff Castner, a lifelong Packers fan and knowledgeable football aficionado, is proud of the significant successes his team has had over nearly 100 years of existence, as well as the imprint the Packers have left on both the NFL and on the history of one of America’s favorite sports.

The Packers, as Jeff Castner knows, were first organized on August 11, 1919 on the second floor of the historic Green Bay Press-Gazette building, which continues to stand as one of Downtown Green Bay’s most significant and historical landmarks. Though many of the details of this meeting were never recorded, and remain unknown to this day, the term Packers was the result of the team’s original sponsor, the Indian Packing Co., who made the initial reference just two days following the initial organization.

A second meeting, held on August 14, 1919, featured 25 players, and resulted in Curly Lambeau, the current stadium’s namesake, being elected the team Captain, while George Whitney Calhoun was chosen as the team’s manager. The Packer’s first season, as Jeff Castner knows, resulted in 10 wins and just one loss, and most of the games featured opponents from nearby towns in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the area of Northeastern Wisconsin.

It wasn’t until August 27, 1921, that the then-young American Professional Football Association (now the NFL) awarded the then-Acme Packers of Green Bay an official franchise in the league. Since that time the Packers have established themselves to be one of the premiere teams in the history of football.

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