Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Jeff Castner - A Marian Education

Jeff Castner is a huge fan of his University. He attended college their and has worked there for 27 years. Jeff Castner believes these are just a few of the reasons college students should choose to pursue their higher education at Marian University in Indianapolis:

   A first rate education is vital to your future and Marian University is that type of school. According to Us News and World Report, Marian University is the 15th best university in its region.
   At Marian University the class sizes are small and the overall enrollment is small. This is intentional. Marian University likes to keep enrollment low so the professors can give me personalized attention to each student. Enrollment in 2013 was just over 2,200 students.
   It is well known that Catholic high schools and colleges are some of the most challenging and give an incredible education. As a welcoming school which prides itself on being open to people of any religion, Marian University provides an incredible learning experience while being open to any student.
   Private schools normally cost more than public schools and that is the case at Marian University, however in the 2013 school year, 84% of students received some kind of need based financial aid. The school has many resources which to help students attend and they are happy to work with students one on one to make sure their dream of attending Marian is fulfilled.

Jeff Castner Knows from personal experience that you will get a first rate education at Marian University and he can assure you that if you need anything while you are attending Marian, the faculty and staff are happy to assist. He and the other administrators are always more than happy to lend a helping hand.

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